Ten Warning Signs that you may be paying too much for Gas and Electricity for Your Buildings?

Many people have asked me to put together a list of things a lay-person could ask to determine if they may be spending too much on gas and electricity.  Here are ten things you can start with.

  1. No one is recording your building’s gas and electricity bill information
  2. No one can show you any maintenance records
  3. No one has a grease gun,  hand tools or a battery powered vacuum
  4. There are no building blue prints or construction documents
  5. There are no written training guides or formal training available for the staff
  6. No one can show you any filter ordering forms or the last filter order
  7. No one can tell you what things have been or could be done to conserve energy
  8. No one in the organization cares to find out if they are using too much energy
  9. No money is budgeted for HVAC maintenance contracts
  10. Someone tells you they have already done everything they can to save energy

Most people pay too much for gas and electricity because no one in their organization is held responsible or accountable for saving gas and electricity.   Ask these questions.  They will give you a very good idea of your current situation.  If you need help, ask a mechanical engineering firm, or an energy consultant, like us, for help.  A phone call is free and so is asking the questions.

This article has been written by David Opoien, Owner of Building Success, a Building Energy Administration Services Provider.  10325 Morris Road, Suite 101, MPLS, MN 55437, e-mail: dave@bldgsuccess.com, Website: www.bldgsuccess.com

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