Poor Buying Experience Leads to a New Business Approach for Building Success

I recently had an insightful experience when purchasing a used rifle, which has changed the way I view now my business.  I ended up being sold a on rifle instead of buying one.  The seller knew exactly what he wanted to sell me and how to spin his message.  I bought his rifle and believed his spin, but was surprised by what he implied but did not directly say. What he sold me and what I thought I was buying wasn’t the same thing.  How had that happened?  I prepared by checking on-line and watching U-Tube videos, but that wasn’t enough.  I was untrained buyer and didn’t know any better than to trust what the salesman had to say and buy on that basis. Put negatively, I should have avoided making the wrong decision and not have been sold.  I should have consulted an expert, first.  They could have shown me what to look for, what it should cost, what to avoid and how to get the best deal.  The lesson I learned was this; Building Success wants to be a building owners expert; a company that prepares people to buy and prevents them from being sold. 

We want to prepare building owner and operators to buy and make the right BAS and HVAC related decisions.  When building owners and managers come to us to upgrade BAS Systems, buy HVAC Equipment, receive advice on HVAC – O&M Services or to perform Energy Conservation Services, we want to reduce their risks and protect their best interests.  Our goal is to act as your partner and trusted adviser and expert.  We want to help people by increasing their knowledge and options, to understand and define what they want, need and can afford.  Being sold means; relying solely on a BAS, HVAC, O&M or Energy Services vendor spin messages when making expensive, long term building improvements.  We help prepare building owners to buy long-term, expensive infrastructure improvements, such as, Heating, Air Conditioning, Building Controls, HVAC O&M and Energy Conservation Systems and Service. 

In the end, I can live with the gun that I bought.  But I would have been happier had I based the decision on what I know now.  Building Success can help building owners and managers make the best, least risky, long term BAS, HVAC, O&M and Energy related decisions.

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