Know HVAC or No Energy Savings

If someone on your facilities operating staff does not have a commercial Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, HVAC, background, your buildings will not save energy or lower your gas and electric costs!  And it isn’t that hard to find out if they do or don’t have this knowledge.  Here are the questions and the answers.  HVAC is about knowing what the temperatures in the rooms, air in ductwork and the water in pipes are designed to be.  A simple infrared temperature gun, valued at about $30, can help tell the story.  There a just a few simple temperature readings that will lead a trained person to infer if your building is using too much gas and electricity.  Higher or lower temperature readings could be costing you a few extra cents per square foot per year to over a dollar.

A trained and experience building operator should know the answers off the top of their head to the following four simple questions.

Question One:  What temperatures should the air handling unit’s mixed air temperature be set at during the winter and summer?

Answer One:  Winter 60 degrees, Summer 80 degrees.

Question Two:  How much time before the tenant come into the space, should the heating and air conditioning systems be turned during the spring and fall month?

Answer Two:  No more than an hour.

Question Three:  What temperatures should the air handling unit’s supply air temperature be set at during the winter and summer?

Answer Three:  Winter 60 degrees, Summer 55 – 60 degrees.

Question Four:  This is more of a show and tell question.  Can your facility’s operating engineer bring the Building Automation System, BAS, on line and have them read your offices space temperature?

Answer Four:  Have them show you.

If they know the answers, without you needing to give them to you, give a facility owner or investor a good idea that their building is operating efficiently and heating and cooling costs are under control.  If your people need training or a simple HVAC maintenance plan to follow, give us a call at 612-210-1528 or go on-line at BLDGSUCCESS.COM and check us out.

Building Success focuses on helping Large Commercial, Municipal, K12 and Higher Education Facilities owners and investors lower their gas and electric bills, reduce energy consumption and limit greenhouse gas emissions.   We are located in Minneapolis, MN and help customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa.  Most of our service costs are offset by local gas and electric utility rebates.  Thank you.  David Opoien – CEM – Owner.

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