Capital Planning and Project Development Services for Large Building (HVAC, BAS, Energy and O&M) Equipment, Systems and Services

All large buildings owners and managers will be faced with the same dilemma someday. What do they do when their Building Automation Systems, (BAS), Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, (HVAC) Systems become obsolete, unserviceable and expensive to own and operate. And the concurrent problems of the rising gas and electric related HVAC and BAS (ENERGY) bills rising and the difficulty of finding trained and qualified people to operate and maintain, (O&M) the HVAC and BAS equipment.

To sustain the value of the building investment and minimizing the cost of providing comfortable indoor climate conditions for tenant retention, proper Capital Planning and Project Development services are invaluable. All BAS, HVAC, Energy and O&M projects start with risk management and proper planning and project development. The save short term decision is to make no decision at all. However, making no decision only postpones the inevitable failure happening at and the worst time with little or no money to pay for the repair, upgrade or replacement solution.

The right decision is to work with Building Success before anything bad happens. We can help the building owner understand and mitigate HVAC, BAS, Energy and O&M risks and the control the magnitude and costs associated with addressing possibilities. We can lay out the potential problems and offer the building owners choices on how to address HVAC, BAS, Energy and O&M risks. Most times we help building owners recover from expensive HVAC, BAS, Energy and O&M risks that have already happed. Give us a call at 612-210-1528, or contact us at or on the web at

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