Building Energy Administration Services

At Building Success, we understand that conserving energy and lowering gas and electric bills probably won’t be on your Top Ten List of things you need to get done today, tomorrow, next week or next year.  99.99% of property investors, owners, public entities and managers will almost always have many more critical, pressing issues to deal with daily. Energy waste and higher bills look something like the following.  A building operator will allow a building to run, assuming the electricity and gas consumption just happens.  When a tenant complains about being too cold or hot, the easiest thing to do is to make the complaint go away by using more energy to solve the problem.  Someone in finance will pay the bills and assume it is correct.  Most of the time, gas and electric costs are passed onto the tenants, or is covered by a utility budget line item, so why worry about them.

Then something goes wrong.  Maybe it’s, an expensive, unplanned failure in your building’s heating or cooling system.  Or maybe it’s because, to keep tenants comfortable, the building’s heating and cooling systems were run extra hard: which led to overspending the gas and electric budget line item.   It could be that there is a local mandate that you must publish your building’s Energy Star® Score, so the public can speculate on your facility’s energy performance.  Getting out from behind problems is much harder that heading off these types of problems from the beginning.

We help people who own large, multiple building portfolios address and stay ahead of potential expensive energy and utility bill problems.  That allows you to address your Top Ten List and us to deal with those obscure energy duties. Those include: providing a host of proven Energy, HVAC, Building Controls and Maintenance strategies, targeted at optimizing your building’s performance. Some of those strategies are Recommissioning Studies, Energy Star Portfolio Management, Building Automation Controls (BAS) and Direct Digital Controls (DDC) Optimization Services, HVAC Equipment and Systems Optimization and Cooperative HVAC Maintenance Optimization, Energy Conservation Policy and Energy Management Blueprinting, Real Time Energy Monitoring, LEED O&M Maintenance Development, Energy and Utility Bill Metrics and Analytics.

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