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(ORCx) Ongoing Recommissioning Support Services / Implementing Operations, Maintenance and Large Capital Projects and Support Services

OUR ONGOING RECOMMISSIONING (ORCx) OPERATIONS, MAINTENANCE AND LARGE CAPITAL PROJECT SUPPORT SERVICES is a must for any building owner. It is the blueprint for keeping the building tenants comfortable and productive. And for the building owner, it is document that keeps energy costs down and the heating and air conditioning and ventilation systems running.  Our experienced team members have the practical: building operations, construction, engineering, project development, application, and maintenance expertise to make your HVAC and Control Retrofits, Change Outs, Replacements and Energy Conservation Projects successful.   Combine this with our teaching and training approach for your building engineering staff, to keep on top of the energy and money saving programs and our ongoing administration support for a win-win-win solution.

 Type of ORCx Program & Support Services Ongoing – Recommissioning Implementation and Owner’s Representative Highlights
ORCx – Level 1
  • Supervising and/or Administering HVAC Operations and Maintenance Programs
  • Supervising and/or Administering HVAC Controls Programs
  • Administering O&M Training and Energy Manager Training
  • Administering Large Outsourced HVAC Equipment Service Contracts
ORCx – Level 2
  • Selecting the Best Value Engineer, Contractors and Service Providers
  • Implementing Energy Conservation Opportunities
  • HVAC Equipment and System Upgrades and Change Outs
  • Building Automation System and Direct Digital Control Retrofits
  • Owner Representative Services



(ORCx-1) Level 1 – Implementing HVAC and Controls Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Programs:



(ORCx-2) Level 2 – Implementing Large Capital Intensive Energy and Cost Saving Projects – Owner’s Representative Service:

When the projects warrant, we work with the building ownership as the owner’s representative to select architects, engineers and contractors as the building owner’s representative, providing the planning expertise and project development skills needed to ensure success.