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Building Energy Auditor™ (BEAR) and Energy Manager Retainer Services

SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON’T HIRE YOUR OWN ENERGY MANAGER, when this cost effective solution is available. For about $995 annually per building, we provide a combination of insightful energy performance software and energy manager phone support. Saving money and conserving energy in your building does not need to be expensive or complicated. Want to know how energy efficient your buildings are: give us a call or go on line yourself. Want to know how much to budget for gas and electricity next year: give us a call or go on line yourself. Want to know how your energy improvement projects are tracking: give us a call or go on line yourself. Want to know where you can get the best return for your energy improvement dollar: give us a call or go on line yourself.

BUILDING ENERGY AUDITOR ENERGY AND UTILITY COST BASELINING PROGRAM – is the first part of this proven web-based software solution which helps Building Success’ Energy Advisor’s translate and communicate energy usage and utility bill payments into meaningful information for building owners. We make sense of the data for you and then help to communicate it in understandable, actionable reports. (BEA) is a cloud-based, service that is designed to evaluate the energy used and dollars spent in relation to normalized weather and building energy improvements. We help by inputting relevant data from utility bills, identifying the meaning of the results and communicating the energy and cost performance of the building. Baseline information is divided and subdivided into monthly, quarterly, annual and fiscal time frames, which correspond with up to five years of historical usage, cost and weather related frames of reference.   The topics and the descriptions of the services and features that is available.

ENERGY MANAGER RETAINER SERVICE – is included with the BEA program. Our Energy Advisors can help guide you through the complicated process of identifying, qualifying and implementing energy conservation and utility cost saving projects. Building success has targeted and specific programs, which optimize your building’s energy performance and saves wasted utility dollars.


  • No need to hire your own energy consultant; just give us a call or go on-line to your own website for the information.
  • Each report looks at both historical and present utility usage and cost data, graphically represented and detailed in the following, weather normalized categories:
  • Amounts Paid to Utility Companies
  • Cost of Commodities in Unit Pricing
  • Dollar per Square Foot Pricing
  • Electrical kWh usage
  • Electrical Demand and Power Factor Usage
  • Gas Therm Usage
  • Gas and Electrical Usage per Square Foot
  • Total Energy kBtuh used per Square Foot
  • Estimated Metric Tons of Carbon Released
  • Carbon Dioxide used per Square Foot
  • On-line reporting website with downloadable reports
  • No Cost energy related phone support
  • Charts and graphs to help people understand the savings