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UTILITY BILL AUDITING, BUDGETING AND FORECASTING – Building Success will examine your electric and/or gas invoices to determine accuracy of charges and proper application of utility rates. If discrepancies exist, Building Success can act as Client’s representative in negotiating with the utility company regarding credits or refunds associated with billing errors.  We will help develop Utility Budgets (Electric and/or Gas) for the upcoming year. Budget amounts will be broken down into monthly or quarterly billing periods, depending on the frequency of billing cycles. Budgets are adjusted for weather and occupancy levels.

AUDITING IS THE FIRST STEP TO IDENTIFYING UTILITY BILLING  ERRORS – We work to get you the money back you deserve for a portion of the savings you didn’t know in the first place.

CONTACT – Do you have a problem and that might lend itself to this solution. Contact us to see if we can help address your issue. Building Success, Dave Opoien 612-210-1528