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With Building Success, Start with a No-Cost
Building Energy Benchmark and Utility Cost Proforma™

  • Provide Building Square Footage
  • One Year of Gas Bills
  • One Year of Electric Bills
  • We will Compare Results with National Averages
  • Tells you if there are Cost and Energy Savings
  • Shows Cash Flow Charts with Savings Projections

 What Will this Tell Us?

  • Potential to do the Following
  • Reduce Electrical Use by 25% per Year
  • Reduce Gas Use by 50% per Year
  • Electric Bill Savings Potential $91,957
  • Gas Bill Savings Potential $70,706
  • Total First Year Annual Savings $162,664
  • Good Candidate to Reduce Bills and Energy

(BP) – Benchmarking Proforma™ – Building Energy Usage and Utility Cost Benchmarking / Energy Savings and Cash Flow Assessment

BENCHMARKING PROFORMA – Know, with certainty, that your Buildings’ are operating as cost effectively and energy efficiently as possible and you are spending the least amount possible for gas and electricity to heat and cool your buildings.   It is a cloud-based service that is designed to help evaluate your organization’s priorities and options when selecting energy conservation and utility bill reduction projects. It also estimates the most amount of energy savings that are practical. An energy-use analysis is provided, which compares the Energy Usage Index (EUI) of each building with the local average and to identify both high and low energy performers. This analysis requires access to energy consumption and cost data for the last 12-36 months. Once this “benchmarking” analysis is completed a recommendation is made as to which buildings should be audited first and the type of audits to be carried out.


  • Building Energy Auditor Web-Based Software – Building Energy Performance Analysis Software – Optimized for HVAC, Controls & Preventive Maintenance, Building Energy & Utility Performance Improvement and Cash Flow Analysis Tool
  • Analysis begins with collecting and averaging three years worth of utility, building and energy information. We then compare the energy and cost metrics to CBESC®’s building performance database values. Based on those results, it is possible to estimate the potential gas and electric savings
  • Comparing Your Building with CBESC® Benchmarking Categories; Building Type, Square Footage, Principal Building Activity: Education, Food Sales, Food Service, Health Care Inpatient, Outpatient, Lodging, Retail (Other than Mall), Office, Public, Assembly, Public Order and Safety, Religious Worship, Service, Warehouse and Storage, Other, Vacant, Year Constructed, Census Region and Division, Climate Zone: 30-Year Average, Number of Floors, Elevators and Escalators, Number of Workers, Weekly Operating Hours, Ownership and Occupancy, Vacancy Status, etc.
  • Energy Comparisons of your facilities to those of the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, CBECS®, US Energy Information and Administration, source data for the Energy Star Portfolio Manager®.
  • Annual potential utility bill, gas and electrical usage reductions
  • Estimating Utility Dollars at Risk
  • Viewing and the Status Quo Operating Performance versus Implementing Recommendations
  • Based on the Estimated Cash Flow Savings Generating Charts Based on Self Funded and Financed
  • Cash Flow Graphs – Self Funded Cumulative and Annual
  • Four year projected savings cash flow amounts with escalated gas and electrical costs
  • Charts and graphs to help people understand the savings